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Bard latest update

Expanding access to Bard in more countries and languages

  • What: You can now collaborate with Bard in Japanese and Korean, in addition to US English. We have also expanded access to Bard in all three languages to over 180 countries.
  • Why: As we continue to build Bard responsibly with more real-world feedback, we’re gradually expanding access to more languages, countries and regions over time.

Export to Google Docs and Gmail

  • What: We’ve added new one-click options to export content generated by Bard, including formatting, directly into Google Docs and Gmail.
  • Why: We want to speed up and simplify your workflow by giving you a way to export Bard’s responses and edit them directly in these Google Workspace apps.

Read more comfortably in dim light

  • What: We’ve launched Dark theme on Bard, giving you the ability to easily switch Bard’s appearance between a light background with dark text and a dark background with light text.
  • Why: Dark theme can make using Bard easier on your eyes in dim light.

Help with coding

  • What: Bard can now help you code in over 20 programming languages. When Bard generates Python code, you can also export and test the code directly in Google Colab. Try prompting Bard for help with languages like C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript and even Google Sheets functions.
  • Why: People of all levels of programming experience, from beginners to experienced engineers, can use Bard to help with coding, whether it’s by generating and exporting code, debugging code or explaining how code works. Use discretion and carefully test and review all code for errors, bugs and vulnerabilities before relying on it. Learn more

I have generated a 60 second reverse timer in HTML Code, Bard response excellent.

Coding with Bard

Adding more variety to drafts

  • What: When you view other drafts, you’ll now see a wider range of options that are more distinct from each other.
  • Why: A wider range of more distinct drafts can help expand your creative explorations.
Bard draft and more varieties in response

Also Bard give me more variety stylish html code, its mind blowing!

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