What’s Bard?

Bard is LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), There is a conversational AI model capable of fluid, multi-turn dialogue.

Google Bard AI vs ChatGPT?

Does Bard give accurate and safe responses?

How and when does Bard cite sources in its responses?

Bard, how it works?

Can Bard help with coding?

Why doesn’t Bard know what I said earlier in a conversation?

Can Bard understand human emotions?

How can I help make Bard better?

Who can use Bard?

How many languages does Bard support?

What terms of service apply to Bard usage?

What data is collected? How is it used?

Who has access to my Bard conversations?

Can I delete my data from my Google Account?

What are some potential use cases for Bard?

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